Bronzed Humpback


Bronze Whale consists of Jaques + Benny and as they say they make computer noises, computer noises that sound so good just like this song Say It. Say It is a funky trap song with that familiar and very popular changed up vocal that everyone seems to be loving at the moment. the only downside is that it does not nearly last as long as it should do at lest another minute and a half would be good especially after the little build up at the end.


Bronze Whale has remixed Adventure Club, a massive cover of Skream and Sam Frank’s Where You Should Be and then there is also the mash-up of Rudimental ft Alex Clare + John Newman and Kill Paris‘ Tender Love.






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English: Uberto Mash circa 1960

so admittedly good song take a while to circulate until they get to me but when a song that happens to be this one i wish it had come along quicker. This is a mash-up medley ft Eminem vs. Daniel Portman vs. Zeds Dead vs Prodigy – Breathe In That Air bootleg, and i have to say it’s fucking amazing its one of those song you will hear in a club and your brian will be shouting what the hell just happened whilst your still trying to still work it out.

all i know about kastra is that he is called Ray Decker from Asbury Park, NJ. and Jon Fox well actually i didn’t know which one was the right Jon Fox so dude if you want to get in touch please do.

Kastra’s songs and bootlegs/ mash-ups are unreal have a listen to the Eminem one below and some other fantastic mash-ups below.

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Church of Cyprus

Cypriot Vibes is a 19-year-old lad from London who likes various genres of music, from Future/Trap/Bass/Garage/House and you can hear the influences ruining through this song that he produced This Is The Girl That I Want, and so much in all of his other music. with the switched up vocals and the subtle trap running through the back and the heavy clear bass pumping throughout this song. This song from the beginning is a massive winner, as he says

Woke up to a sunny day, felt like releasing this track i made back in january. It will be on my Ghostin EP this winter. Enjoy x

i and the other 3,438 people who like his music are glad he released this song as well as many others he has released, from re-works to his own stuff this lad has talent clearly, i will be looking forward to hearing his EP.

keep an eye out for more posts about fantastic talent like Cypriot Vibes coming soon, to keep up to date with Cypriot Vibes follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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English: The Coops Shot Tower in Melbourne Cen...

Gossling released this song just over 2 weeks ago and I missed it i feel ashamed…… I don’t it’s just something that happens. Gossling aka Helen Croome from Melbourne has this unique appeal about her with the music she writes herself and sings also. For some unknown reason I really recognise her voice/name’s from somewhere else but at the moment I have no idea where from.

This song is so simple its unreal from the soft voice to the strings, this is what music so wonderful when someone makes a song like Never Expire  sound so simple to make and yet such a triumph to Gossling. If this song doesn’t rocket her followers then something is wrong with the music industry, not that there isn’t already :D.

And then there is this beautifully haunting Remix by Oliver Tank


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I love it when a song comes out by a band you have followed for a while, and then when another artist that you like remix that song it is a like getting 2 treats at once.

This remix is by none other than André Allen Anjos aka the fantastic RAC and he has decided to put his very distinctive touch to MS MR’s Think Of You which is all about well I’m sure you can gather it all from the chorus, this song has been revamped into a funky beat you could play anywhere and enjoy it which is true to RAC’s style of music. I always look out for new music from both RAC and MS MR so it is a wonderful treat to hear a remix as good as this which has revived this 4 month old song by MS MR. RAC and MS MR when are you coming to London I would love to watch you guys perform.

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get involved with the #1MusicSource’s music forum follow the link here to join up and talk about and share everything musical. If you are an artist/band/ promoter join up and put a post up there and #1MS will check it out as well as everyone else.

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i am a fan of Pusha T because of loads of reasons, i could also name all the songs that i like ofPusha T of Clipse at the Pitchfork Music Festival.

this gritty rap-star. but its his unique story telling and flow that i rate so much, there are a lot of rappers out there so its hard to have a name that stands out and that can be taken seriously(most of the time)

Sweet Serenade to me just shows a triumph to Pusha T’s music career and shows his rap style to the max, and its amplified by the very basic trappy bass heavy back beat. there is just one thing that very slightly ruins this rap song and that mr C.B. chorus im sorry just not a fan, but Pusha T keeps it real.

if you want the clean version


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yes maybe i have been liking EDM at the moment I’m sorry. i will blog something else, but can you blame me when there is this

this fantastic mash-up is from The White Panda’s who are from Chicago/Los Angeles, United States, having not known too much about the white pandas apart from hearing their name before they have had great success and shared a stage with some well-known artists/bands. and i mean you can see why when this song drops to fully revel the mash-up that mainly consists of Kendrick Lamar‘s B***h don’t kill my vibe and Martin Garrix’s animals, there is also elements of Tiesto, Showtek and Noisecontrollers.

these guys are the kings of mashup’s if you get bored with just normal music then kick back and have a listen to this duo’s soundcloud the mashup’s are endless and untouchable.

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there is so many genre’s of music about now, 

Club Lights

cross genre‘s, sub genre‘s and main genre’s of music it is unreal. i fully believe that the 00’s and the 10’s have been the decades where artists from all sorts of levels have pushed the boundaries on the genre label, im not saying the boundaries haven’t been pushed before, there just seem to be more artists that are at the moment.

now these 2 songs i would class as electro-pop at its finest, true to my style the both happen to be remixes of some great songs, the first  is from kaskade with Lana Del Rey‘s – Young & Beautiful remix, then we have Kat Krazy‘s remix of Armin Van Buuren ft Cindy Alma’s – Beautiful Life.

Kaskade‘s remix of lana del ray’s young and beautiful is stunning, and as i described is true to the electro-pop feel. He has turned an already good song into this electro full remix whilst still keeping the essence of the original, i can imagine this going off in a club/fest and people going absolutely crazy i mean would you expect anything else from Kaskade urm no not really.

you’ve heard of Armin Van Buuren but have you heard of Kat Krazy from Guildford, no well be ashamed once you heard of this song, which is on the other spectrum of electro-pop, with its heavy punchy bass. Kat Krazy has had a lot of support from the radio waves with some big stations playing his stuff and can you see why with a remix like this. Dont worry there are loads of fantastic remixes like this one and his own music especially his massive success of a song Siren ft Elkka if you want to hear it click on Siren.

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Oisima (Photo credit: badjonni)

if i was to dedicate a page to artists that i like a lot and keep listening to because i know it will always be good, Ta-Ku would be on that list, tbh the list would be very long and actually very interesting(watch this space i may just have to do it).

this remix from Ta-Ku has his imprint all over it, the way it flows the little touches that make this remix so easy to listen to, its such a contrast from the original and that’s why i like them both so much. there isn’t much i haven’t said about Ta-Ku so im going to keep this one short, have a listen to Ta-Ku’s remix and be floated away by Oisima’s original work. whilst your scrolling down you might as well listen to Ta-Ku’s new song we were in love.

we where in love

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