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so if you are in a band or want to me to put up a song/video with a review then get in contact with me by filling out the box below.

if you are an artist or own the rights and want your work to be removed from this website, please just leave me a message @ and I will deal with it as soon as I can.

i do not claim that the music is mine, i purely want to spread musical love by putting up these reviews.


1 Response to Contact #1MS

  1. Hi,

    Im Jonathan, the lead singer from WALLA, you guys posted about our single ‘no time’ month:

    and because of you our new single ‘NATURE’ is #1-#2 in the nation right now on

    I just wanted to personally thank you guys for your kind words and awesome support, we are still a very new band, so all this attention is very exciting. I am really honored that you guys help give up-and-coming bands like us a chance. I really believe that the people who change and shape music, especially nowadays, are you guys, not the labels, because you guys are the early adopters and the ones who help launch new acts.

    Music is something that was always a dream and passion of mine since I was a kid and I just wanted to thank people like you who help others make their dreams come true, it is a really an amazing thing you guys do! I hope through our work together I can influence and help others just as much as you guys have helped us.

    Thank you again from all of us at WALLA, and if you ever need anything from us please do not hesitate to let us know..



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