About #1MS

The reason why #1MuicSource was made is a long reason and i will tell you all one day, and i will update this when i feel comfortable in sharing all of my ideas and direction of #1MS.

The main idea behind #1MS is to be able to have a website where anyone and this means YOU TOO can have a chance to write about the music you love as well as the music i love and listen to on a regular basis, i like finding new music that is not necessarily in the chats at the moment, i also enjoy finding music from artists that i have not heard of before.

Music for me is a great and powerful thing it can connect people from all around the world, it does not discriminate, it makes you want to feel and do things you maybe never have done before most of all it is something that is consistently changing and evolving. If i can get together and grow a community of writers for #1MS this will help me to push this site in the direction it needs to be, a community of writers from all backgrounds and tastes of music to feed everyone with the music they like at that point.

if you would like to write for #1MS please get in contact via here…………….. now lets turn the volume up and find some music maybe you have not heard of before and share it with the world.

let’s make #1MS what it is supposed to be about the good times and the music.

lots of love


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