We Are the People (Empire of the Sun song)

2 remix‘s here which are both just as good as each other from 2 fantastic artists, first the brilliant Alex Metric and then the ever popular Calvin Harris. both of these guys have remixed Empire Of The Sun’s new song DNA soon to hit a speaker near you.

it is a hard discussion on which one i like the most. Alex metric’s version slowly builds up this remix and then pumps it in, then adds in a funky bit of electro which leads you to think which direction is this going to take us. the best way that he knows back to that funky elctro feel, and that’s one of the reasons i like Alex Metric because he likes to keep things clean and simple.

Calvin Harris just does what he does best and puts his stamp all over it. if you really had to guess who remixed this without knowing im sure you could guess it was his remix, he just has this way with music and possibly that unique piano sound he has too that has featured in a few of his songs. there is not much i can say about this remix without you hearing it for your self Calvin Harris knows how to build up and drop a good club track, it’s almost like he is a club track making robot or is he.

a remix of the remixes, just because it’s so hard to decided why not listen to both in one, a brilliant mashup from naio.. mexico.

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