Church of Cyprus

Cypriot Vibes is a 19-year-old lad from London who likes various genres of music, from Future/Trap/Bass/Garage/House and you can hear the influences ruining through this song that he produced This Is The Girl That I Want, and so much in all of his other music. with the switched up vocals and the subtle trap running through the back and the heavy clear bass pumping throughout this song. This song from the beginning is a massive winner, as he says

Woke up to a sunny day, felt like releasing this track i made back in january. It will be on my Ghostin EP this winter. Enjoy x

i and the other 3,438 people who like his music are glad he released this song as well as many others he has released, from re-works to his own stuff this lad has talent clearly, i will be looking forward to hearing his EP.

keep an eye out for more posts about fantastic talent like Cypriot Vibes coming soon, to keep up to date with Cypriot Vibes follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

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