there is so many genre’s of music about now, 

Club Lights

cross genre‘s, sub genre‘s and main genre’s of music it is unreal. i fully believe that the 00’s and the 10’s have been the decades where artists from all sorts of levels have pushed the boundaries on the genre label, im not saying the boundaries haven’t been pushed before, there just seem to be more artists that are at the moment.

now these 2 songs i would class as electro-pop at its finest, true to my style the both happen to be remixes of some great songs, the first  is from kaskade with Lana Del Rey‘s – Young & Beautiful remix, then we have Kat Krazy‘s remix of Armin Van Buuren ft Cindy Alma’s – Beautiful Life.

Kaskade‘s remix of lana del ray’s young and beautiful is stunning, and as i described is true to the electro-pop feel. He has turned an already good song into this electro full remix whilst still keeping the essence of the original, i can imagine this going off in a club/fest and people going absolutely crazy i mean would you expect anything else from Kaskade urm no not really.

you’ve heard of Armin Van Buuren but have you heard of Kat Krazy from Guildford, no well be ashamed once you heard of this song, which is on the other spectrum of electro-pop, with its heavy punchy bass. Kat Krazy has had a lot of support from the radio waves with some big stations playing his stuff and can you see why with a remix like this. Dont worry there are loads of fantastic remixes like this one and his own music especially his massive success of a song Siren ft Elkka if you want to hear it click on Siren.

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