hi all, so i have these 2 remixes of Bondax’s GivingBONDAX-Giving-It-All it all, nowi am in a massive dilemma because i cannot decide which one i like the most.

this first one comes from Joe Goddard, you know the bloke from Hot Chip and 1 half of The 2 bears(well that is the only Joe Goddard i know). true to his musical talent he has made some sort of electro futuristic remix of Bondax’s song, which is ace i mean within a few seconds your foot will be tapping along, and then a few more minutes than your head will, im sure you get the gist its funky as hell. and unlike most 6 minute song it just gets better and better and develops into this awesome song.

then i have this one from French Kiwi juice, who i havent heard of before but now im glad i have. because he goes in a completely different direction from Joe he makes this chilled out vibe which is truly amazing. French Kiwi Juice or FKJ if you want to shorten his name is from paris and he remixes alot of work but also produces some fantastic music, if you have never heard any of his stuff click here.

also check out Friend Within’s remix too.

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