i promised these guys a post a while back and i will deliver sorry for the long wait guys.Edelweiss flower buds

this indie pop band from Stroudsburg, named after the Edelweiss flower not to be confused with the Latin name Leontopodium alpinum(that would be a silly band name). these boys have only been together for a short while and their average age is still in the teens, this does not stop Edelweiss hitting some big name music venues/events.

To quote them.

Edelweiss have only been together for just over a year and yet, have played at large-scale regional music events and high-profile clubs in NYC including Knitting Factory, Highline Ballroom and Mercury Lounge among others, as well as Allentown, PA’s Mayfair Festival of the Arts.

whilst retaining that very unique American indie boy band appeal which reaches to the young and the old and I’m sure they have been played in a many a bedroom of teenagers living there teenage days away, while they are sympathising with the bands many topics. Have a listen to some of the brilliant songs this talented young band have released and then you can see why their following is growing enormously.

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