continuing the 80’s vibe i had the other day i have a woman here who sounds like she should be there, but she got lost on her way and has ended up here in 2013 and not 1983. but its fine since she released this song called Romanticise as much as i like it it’s not really why i am putting this up, the reason im posting this up is because of the remix by Gold Fields. but if you want to find out more about Chela and her life go to her Website or her Facebook and give her a like, maybe you can find out about why she likes crabs in her mouth.

this remix from Gold Fields is ace, it has completely transformed this song to a brilliant song the sort of song you would that would be put on by a dj the sun is going down and you’re in a massive at a party,i would say festival but i don’t want it to bring a tear to my eye that the festival season is nearly over. Gold Fields is a 5 piece band from Ballarat, Australia, and they like most very talented bands remix as well as make their own music enjoy.

Gold Fields Your Still Gone

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