Mountains - Klondike Highway

Lost Track Of Time is such a wonderfully put together song, everything in this song screams play me again. now i don’t know a lot about this trio but what i do know is the MTNS are Tom Eggert, Joseph Thiang and Robbie Hellberg and they are from Brisbane, and this is their début song, and because of that im expecting brilliant things from this band, everything from the song its self to the video just makes me want to listen more of their music but sadly this is the only song so far. 

here is what they have to say about themselves and their song.

Moun – tains (moun-tnz)
noun, band
1. A natural peak rising above and beyond the surrounding level and attaining status which, relative to adjacent peers, is impressive and notable.
2. Tom Eggert (vox/guitar), Joseph Thiang (drums/samples), Robbie Hellberg (synth/bass)

‘Lost Track Of Time’
lost-track-of-time (lawst-trak-uhf-tahym) 
collective, song
1. Debut single from MTNS. Encapsulating chillwave sounds featuring sedated reflections amid undulating, textured synths. An incredibly mature and stunning début release.

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