when did the 80’s come back and no one told me whyyyy.


well to be perfectly honest the song that im going to talk about dose not sound like it’s from the 80’s but the original song is does sound like it is. Kavinsky seem to be stuck in the 80’s in, as if the last 30 years have not happened, please don’t tell them that it’s actually 2013 not 1986 they may have a break down and stop producing music. if you listen to either their 1986 & Outrun Ep’s they have the 80’s oozing out of the speakers, i cannot but help to like alot of 80’s music and both of the EP‘s and their music sounds fresh from that era.

so on to the song i want to talk about quickly, Odd Look features The Weekend and still keeps alive the vibe of the 80’s(feel i have said 80’s too much ha ha) alive. but then A-Trak comes along and says yeah i like this but it could sound like this, i mean where did he get the the inspiration for this very bass heavy trap song its mint. again as I’ve said before this is a massive club track and so many of the remixes that are coming out at the moment i want to hear in a club and feel everyone move to this lil gem, A-Trak & Kavinsky keep it up loving it(although i doubt kavinsky have access to a computer with internet)


Surkin‘s remix which is good too

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