im not really going to talk too much about FlicFlac,

English: Globe of death performance, circus &q...

i have mentioned them briefly before in a post i did about Vancejoy(and i mean very briefly), and now i don’t plan to change a thing here is a quote about this duo and then after that i will let their music do the talking.

the last visit in ibiza was crucial for kevin richi and max gain. because one night at a party they met each other, started a talk and realized that both had the same intense passion for music. after the party, it was about 5 AM, they started making their first beats in the hotelroom and so FlicFlac was born! After they arrived in Vienna they went directly to the studio and the result was: Tonight! Their first collaborative project. Enjoy it! It`s made with love and everybody can hear that. And one thing is for sure: THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING 🙂 So stay tuned for their forthcoming releases!

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