Pony (Ginuwine song)

i am truly loving reworks of classics at the moment from Brandy Baby – Blackstreet No diggityGinuwine Pony – many more classic old school songs. Now i know a lot of people have covered, reworked and remixed these and more and i cannot help but to want more, because i feel it is showing appreciation to the original, the original that has inspired someone to put their own twist on it. now this song is no exception from Vicejoy aka Austen Afridi from San Francisco, with his ‘jet life’ rework touch to this song. he has made this song such a summer fun song i cannot help but play it alot and when i do my friends always seem to want to get a lil boogie on and sing along to the chorus. Ginuwine released this song in 1996 yeah can you believe it, and it’s still a good song to sing along to and remember old times, but vicejoy revamp’s this song and makes it such a summer classic. if it’s from his own work all the way to the fantastic remixes Vicejoy is releasing they all have this fresh summer 80’s vibe to them that will i am sure lift your spirits even in the winter months(i know it is nearly that time soon)

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