Baby (Brandy Norwood song)

wow is all i can say these guys Duncan G. & Sean K. know how to make music, from their own stuff to remixes to reworks this duo now how to do things right. It annoys me slightly when a fantastic artist/band have slipped under my radar for so long, only for me to find them later and to see what i have missed since they started. ColeCo have released music for about 3 years according to soundcloud, from again their own work to remixes to re-works, check out some of their stuff below.

there is one song of theirs im loving at the moment and its this one below a rework of Brandy’s Baby song which was released in 1994(i know nearly 10 years ago seems like yesterday), any way they have funked this classic up to make it a fantastic nu-disco track and i have to say i am loving it a lil too much, and if anyone is wondering what Brandy is doing check out her website i did ha ha. and if you want to get the latest ep from ColeCo you’ll have to wait a while but check out one of their old ones at the bottom.

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