clean bandit are a fusion band combining classic instruments with an electronic flavor as well as mixing in other genres of music into their different songs, just to make you think ‘just what does go on inside the Four minds of Clean Bandit’, many of you may remember them for their biggest hits Mozart‘s house.

but these guys have been busy since the first Sound Cloud release of Mozart’s house 3 years ago, but then officially released this march. The thing i like the most is the fusion and the unique sound clean bandit have to offer as well as the weird and wonderful videos they make too. check out their latest song released for the charts Dust Clears and latest song called Rhianna. and finally if any of you lot out there that the opportunity to see them at Glasto should be spreading the Clean Bandit love because im sure they where good, ive got a chance to see them at SGP which im glad i have.

ps does anyone think they have changed the female vocals to sound like GlaDOS

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