Wicked Game (album)

loving this summer vibe but it came out 10 months ago what is happening to these songs that are getting missed by a lot of people including me.  Now that it has had some sort of recognition 10 months later it has been officially released by beatport a while ago on Jun 21, 2013 on . the key things are the way the song blends so well from the vocals to the  steel drums it just works, fantastic cover of  Chris Isaak‘s song wicked games, well done Parra for Cuva & Anna Naklab . But for me i like the updating and changing songs and this a prime example of how this can be done to revive those great songs that have been forgotten by time and us.

Info Time:

Wicked Game“is a 1989 song by Chris Isaak from his third studio albumHeart Shaped World. Despite being released as a single in 1989, it did not become a hit until it was later featured in the David Lynch film Wild at Heart

(1990). Lee Chesnut, an Atlanta radio station music director who loved

David Lynch films, began playing the song and it quickly became a

nationwide top ten hit in January 1991, reaching #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it the first hit song of his career. James Calvin Wilsey played the distinctive lead guitar solo on the song.

origianl video from Chris Isaak

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