black skinhead by kanye west: has Kanye West got a chip on his shoulder* or is it just me, feels like he’s a little pissed off, anyways i am liking this very early rocky song from Kanye

And Elephant by Tame Impala again this song has very early rock flowing through it 60’s-70’s vibe .

but that is not what i want to play to you, i have a musical mash-up from Nate Belasco, to quote him

I am a producer, composer, songwriter, and sound engineer with serious musical A.D.D. I make hip hop, electro-pop, weird dance music, and occasionally mashups. I use Ableton Live. I like compression and hype noises and bass and twinkly sounds. I played keyboard and sampler in the hip hop group Mammox and produced two albums with them. I also created the music for the classic iPhone game Cube Runner (available on iTunes). For more of my music, visit

please enjoy this song in small doses with the volume turned up loud because its such a good mash-up. *massive but yet again does kanye have a chip on his shoulder.

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