before i continue just press play below

English: Jean Cavalier

English: Jean Cavalier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

wait wait. right that’s the spot that intro is the reason i am doing this post about Cavalier beats so silky and smooth loving this song.

i know nothing about this dude, except he is male and from long beach, oh yeah and he makes ace instrumentals. the way i found him was actually the other way around he added me on SoundCloud, so i thought it would be rude to listen to some of his stuff and he’s getting better and better. i mean he made a set of 13/23 tracks that he has made over a month pick anyone at random and tell me that you cannot hear someone rapping over the top of the song but not only that the songs are good alone.

At my full-time restaurant job(yeah i have a full-time job but i would rather do this full-time) i came up with 2 playlists with about 400 songs, and im still adding more after hearing and going through the instrumentals im thinking about adding some of them in just because they are that good.

Cavalier Beats send me a message dude i would love to have a chat with you.



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