AlunaGeorge @ New Slang

AlunaGeorge @ New Slang (Photo credit: abi.d)


i think disclosure like playing tricks on me, first of all i thought a song called infected was going to be Disclosures next song but then it turned out to be white noise but now they have decided to release infected but this time call it F for You. Bahhh i cannot keep up.

So I posted up the song infection the other day but now floating around hyperspace on disclosures’s soundcloud was this song called white noise

Official video from these talented lads & AlunaGeorge.

fresh news you heard it first here people, set to be disclosures new song Infected soon to be released and from there new album. and belive me you cannot be disappointed with new beat i can imagine tents and clubs banging this one out and a lot of people throwing some crazy shapes to it and loving it.

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