English: Crystal Fighters Band

English: Crystal Fighters Band (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

disco time with disco GIGAMESH. loving this funked up version of Crystal Fighter’s you and I, it’s a whole load fun. seriously i have played this any chance i can at my other job because not only am i loving it loads, everyone at work is too, we party whilst getting ready for the next shift, normally in half the time whilst this is on.

i do quite enjoy the build up half way through the song its bloody ace, you can feel your heart do the same. GIGAMESH has massively given this song a revamp, i know that is what remixes are all about, but just listen to the original below and tell me how you would get the feel for the remix from it. from folk to funk, GIGAMESH has rocked this remix no wonder why he is a multi-platinum selling producer. baring this all in mind you can see why he remixes and releases songs in his style its because he is so good at it.


BTW who else wants to cave rave…… well you can at least pre-order crystal fighters album Cave Rave here released on the 27th of may

#gigamesh #cyrstalfighters #caverave #70’s #folktofunk

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