Daughter get lucky cover

A Daughter's a Daughter

A Daughter’s a Daughter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

im back its been a long time since i have blogged and i feel bad for not doing so, so all i can do is apologize for my absence ive been hectic.

right straight into business me and one of my friends were talking about Daft Punks Get Lucky and their fourth coming album Random Access Memory(see bottom for rumored track-list) released on May 21.

but what i really want to talk about is this fantastic group Daughter who keep excelling themselves every time release a new song or do a cover like this. the cover for me has an XX feel to it with the eerie guitar’s and the drums, but for me Elena Tonra’s vocals are so beautiful and amazing.

1. “Give Life Back To Music”
2. “The Game Of Love
3. “Giorgio By Moroder
4. “Within”
5. “Instant Crush”
6. “Lose Yourself To Dance”
7. “Touch”
8. “Get Lucky”
9. “Beyond”
10. “Motherboard”
11. “Fragments Of Time”
12. “Doin’ It Right”
13. “Contact”


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