Happy plants

Happy plants (Photo credit: piterwilson)


so here is part 2 from WPAHP have a listen to it back to back with part 1, part 2 Get lucky also remixed from a Daft Punk track.

this song is so funking good i mean its unreal i mean that first minuet has got some unbelievable build up to a wicked remix. i really want to go in to details about the build up and how the song starts but i do not want to spoil it for any of you.  Peter Bergmann aka We Plants Are Happy Plants(WPAHP)* is a dude from Budapest, Hungary, and he has been around for about 2years releasing his own music and remixing. do not get me started on this guys talent for remixing i will let you discover it for your self just to give you an idea of what he has remixed Jim Carrey/ various artists/ Jean Michel Jarre/His own work/various clips from films Inception/LOTR/Cloud Atlas i think you all get the general idea. check him out soundcloud.com/wpahp.

*what is up with musicians/bands with really long names and fullstops between letters or funny symbols between letters it just gets too confusing, although very intriguing.

happy Mothers Day all have a good one.


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