Praxis Vlaardingen

Praxis Vlaardingen (Photo credit: Gerard Stolk (marche vers Pâques ))


Russ Chimes has remixed a massive old school track by Praxis‘s turn me out, and he has made it much more up to date. This seems to be the case with this song and its many remixes and releases, i remember the ’97 remix, im not too sure about the ’03 version. anyway Russ Chimes you seem to have kept the tradition with keeping this song current i like this version a lot.


Kathy Brown scored number one success as the lead singer of Praxis, a musical project assembled by producers Cevin Fisher and David Shaw. Praxis’s “Turn Me Out,” first released in 1994, has been remixed and re-released several times since, with two subsequent US Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart entries, including 1997’s “Turn Me Out (Turn To Sugar),” which hit number one. “Turn Me Out” returned to the dance chart in 2003 with new remixes, this time climbing to #42.



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