keys n' krates

keys n’ krates (Photo credit: fred zilla)


officially this came out about 4days ago but it’s been floating around for a while Annie Mac(as she always does) had this played about a month a go.

this song is so filthy* its good, every thing about this song makes it a fantastic trap song Keys N Krates i take my hat off. but to be honest do you expect anything less from this trio, to quote them.

Keys N Krates formed in 2008 out of a desire to do something different. They wanted to take the remix/electronic sound out of the studio and onto the stage, creating a new live electronic experience. The Toronto-based trio – comprised of the high-energy Adam Tune on drums, synth-master David Matisse on keys, and internationally award-winning Jr. Flo on turntables – began by locking themselves in a rehearsal room for six months to create and finesse their unique sound and identity.

these guys are good listen and buy it so it gets into the charts. GET IT NOW.

rap listen to this set

if you like trap then listen to this set the biys did about a month ago for Annie Nightingale

*when i say filthy i mean it in a good way.


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