RAC Transporter

RAC Transporter (Photo credit: kenjonbro)

yeah so i am a little obsessed about posting remixes. this is because of one simple thing they add so much more to the original, point in case.

Two Door Cinema Club came out with Next Year which was is a very good song, they sat down and decided how they wanted it to sound and which direction they wanted to go in with it. it makes you do what it was intended for which is so you would tap your foot whilst you are listening to it going home from work(hopefully you wont be driving and tapping your foot)  or you’re at home playing it loud singing along.

but then RAC came along and had the same experience and thought hold on but i liked this part and this part oooo what happens if i was to add this change that add a little more of this thus THIS.

there is so much more added and that guitar solo, yeah it beats the originals guitar solo, epic i mean the original doesn’t have that that’s why i like remix’s they add things the artists didn’t, because they just wanted to release their own song their own way(well hopefully the music bosses were left out of this)

oh and to refine my point even more just using SoundClouds stats have a look and see on each soundcloud player the stats.

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