J.Cole Talks Jay-Z’s Input On His Album, Why H...

J.Cole Talks Jay-Z’s Input On His Album, Why He Didnt Work With Top Producers (Photo credit: mp3waxx.com)


J.Cole is an absolute legend, he has worked with so many BIG names can you understand this guys name is so big, so when i came across 2 new tracks that i have never heard before only with lyrics online and another with a little bit of spotlight on it on the huge world of the Web. it gives me great pleasure to post these up. ive been constantly signing the chorus from song and when i ever i get a chance to play it ill play the other.


so this first track is can i holla at you……before i continue press play



yeah that’s right didnt expect that did you. (i will cover the backing song at some point).


WOW….. the lyrics are killer in this song, they run so true and have so much feeling in it and hits me in a way i want to listen to it on repeat.


And as for this one below… I keep singing this chorus + it helps the song is good too, i know we all have been in that situ.






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