you may remember Of Monsters and Men back oo about a year ago for there bizarre but yet oddly cool video for the song little Talks.


glitch_skull (Photo credit: letloosethelambs)

now it’s not that i have come to share its this, as Drift Static puts it Glitch Hop of a song (see bottom).  it is truly a well put together and throughout piece of work i like the changes i like the  whole thing. i don’t think i can say any more but i like, enjoy.

Glitch hop is a relatively new sub variant of the glitch form, and shares the name click hop, blip hop, downbreaks and break hop. Aside from the obvious lineage of hip hop and glitch this genre tends to borrow from the IDM and minimalist genres as well. The music is marked by the DSP[disambiguation needed] laden sonic tapestry and twitchiness of glitch with a more hip hop style framework. The beat tends to follow hip-hop’s break-derived conventions, falling into a range between 85-100 bpm. Instead..
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