B-side of 12" Vinyl

B-side of 12″ Vinyl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

so my friend will hate me for doing this but he wont know ever ha ha (ok so he found out and he doesn’t hate me for it,and the vinyl is so apt it describes him to a T), all i can say is this dude has so much talent and he is so so modest about this. he has posted about 10 different track up on his SoundCloud all with this weird but yet so intriguing feel to them as though you are being taking to the other side of how music should be made. please give this young talented man a listen trust me you wont be disappointed or left with out some sort of view on his work.

as far as i can remember he entered this remix in for a competition where everyone had to use Beyonce’s  end of time song(off the top of my head i cannot remember where he came in it and what the prize was for such a bad friend).

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