to massively quote Primary Slave to give you some idea about this fantastic band, and to give you an idea on their own style.

Primary Slave is a band that went through some turbulent times in a short lifespan, culminating in the tragically early death of the Singer and guitarist Mark Giltrow.

Mark’s death occurred when they had about ninety percent completed the recordings for Primary Slave 2. Another Mark is Drawn. There was plenty of background weirdness even before the disaster struck.

Formed in 1998 by guitarist Paul Allender (CRADLE OF FILTH) and bassist David Palser, Primary Slave started out as a studio based venture. Invited to join what was originally titled the ”Lillith” project were Mark Royce (ex-ENTWINED Keyboardist) and ”G” on drums. However, such was the musical dynamism of the creative collective, the studio project developed into a solid band unit outright. Allender immediately drew on the talents of Mark Giltrow’s (CENOBYTE) vocals and guitar, to complete the line-up. Taking an eclectic approach to their song writing, and fusing the tradition of hard riffin’ guitars, epic orchestrations and the technologies of sampling in order to produce a futuristic cyber-metal hybrid. After constant lineup and equipment troubles the band released their suitably titled album “Data Plague” to high acclaim. Shortly before finally imploding as the new century turned.

need i say anymore about this band and its tragedy when they were trying to release another album.

if you like there stuff why not pop over to the store(click here) and buy that album that took 4years to finally put together into a masterpice.

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