so i stumbled across this lil song when i was looking around to see what Katy B was doing with her self, she’s been a busy woman by the looks of things. this song for me is catchy as hell I like the back beat the lyrics and I can imagine to myself that could be a lot of people getting ready to this and partying to it too on any friday.




Katy b’s lyrics just go on for far too long it needs a break. i mean i get the build up to Wileys part but i kinda lose a bit of interest because it’s so repetitive before Wiley’s short part. for me it should be Katy B’s part Wiley comes in back to Katy B done club smasher.


don’t get me wrong i still like it but mix it up a lil Z


Katy B på Kollenfest 2012

Katy B på Kollenfest 2012 (Photo credit: aktivioslo)


inc please 😀 just for me.






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