sorry all for the lack of posts ive just been battling with this massive decision, the decision is if i keep this site going or not. i am just unsure what i want to do with it at the moment, it’s not because i don’t like doing it, it’s because is it worth it. if i had support and a little bit of help i may consider it but as it stands i am not, and the feedback is lacking.


sorry all

much love

#1MS ūüė¶

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Throb (song)

this first remix from Milo Mills of a classic Janet Jackson song rock with you, is an absolute treat it has completely re-invented her song. i love the elctro feel to this song and the strong piano to match this funky vibe. it has so many great elements in it, Milo Mills is from Vienna, Austria and he says fuck a genre and he has so well.

i have a lot of time for Hudson Mohawke, and the reason for that is not only does he produce brilliant songs but also does amazing remixes. Just like this one called vista from Jackson and his computer band. again this song is an electro treat with so much punch you cannot help to play it again and again. HudMo keeps so many elements of the original but just puts his stamp on it.


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ODESZA is  production duo consisting of Catacombkid and BeachesBeaches, and when these 2 great minds collide they make some awesome music like these 3 bellow.


the first is¬†My Friends Never Die¬†which implies that they are just immortal, ¬†true to Odesza’s style they have chopped and screwed some fantastic samples. everything about this squeaky voiced star travelling song is brilliant.


If There’s Time¬†has that messed up vocal in it that a lot of artists love playing around with. this very subtle trap dream like song creates so many visuals in your head if you just kick back and listen to it through some good speakers or headphones.


Without You when this song kicks in you will instantly remember the vocals that they have used in this from that annoyingly catchy song somebody i used to know. i have to say this is the best remix of this song i have heard, maybe becasue the vocals dont get stuck in your head as much as the original does.







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this is not meth…….its music.

Flex Cop a Nu Disco producer from¬†Australia has released this funky disco number featuring a sample from Breaking Bad‘s ‘This Is Not Meth‘ episode. as sad it is for my to say quickly i still have to jump on the Breaking Bad band wagon, and all in aid of¬†32px|alt=W3C|link=‚úď Th...

over 1000 SoundCloud followers and its free to download. you cannot help but want to move to this song and all the other music this Nu Disco guru has released. Flex Cops Headed Home EP is truly fantastic and ft’s Stee Downes and is a must get if you plan on playing something over the weekend to get you in the mood. Enjoy people.


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English: Brooklyn bridge at night, New York ci...


some of you may recognise this song from a game that has recently been launched, that’s right GTA V, but that’s not the reason im going to talk to you about this song from Twin Shadow who comes from Brooklyn NY. the reason this song caught my attention is because its simply brilliant and painfully catchy to the point were im listening to other songs and this is still in my head, so well done twin shadow’s you genius.


so i am expecting this song to possibly sky-rocket because of its feature and im glad that it has been featured on the soundtrack. hopefully this 4 day old song will be propelled into the charts with its clean crisp catchy appeal it has, Twin shadow has got a killer voice and also good at adding a twist to a few well-known songs.






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Four Tet has released this wonderful song Parallel Jalebi, which leads you to think that his upcoming album is going to be outstanding if this is going to feature on it. Four Tet never fails to impress with his ambient future house music, and he has worked with some amazing artists over his time and his mark has always been firmly stamped on everything he touches. with a lot of people trying to guess where the vocals that feature prominently on this track has been very varied, who knows maybe we will find out when his new album is released. sit back and enjoy Four Tet at his finest, and maybe his album will be on parallel and as sweet as this song.

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these lads from Wilmslow/Manchester/Bollington,England have been around since 2002, have been

pushed into the spotlight just over a year ago with their Facedown ep. it just goes to show you with a lot of hard work and determination and doing what you love the most can get you. they have¬†supported¬†Muse,¬†The Neighbourhood¬†and supported¬†The Rolling Stones, if that was not enough they have been¬†on the Festival Republic Stage at¬†Reading and Leeds Festivals¬†and have had over 30,000 people watching them perform at Glastonbury. For me this band is going from strength to strength with their indie pop appeal which has a global fan base, and it’s not only the fans attention they have drawn in bands/radio stations and blogs from across the world are loving this 4 piece.¬† two of my favourite songs from this band are featuring on their self titled album THE 1975 which is out now, have a listen to the album below and show these guys some support.


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the legendry¬†RZA¬†has done a¬†remix of Alt-J‘s Breezeblocks, something must have caught RZA’s eye for him to do a beatbox based remix of Alt-J’s song. what do these lads have installed for us over the next coming years who knows but im sure it’s going to be good.

Kings Of Leon another band i want to see(and there is so many), have covered a song that i have not heard for a while. Robyns Dancing On My Own has been owned and will never sound the same ever again, KOL have made this song their own, everything from the haunting vocals and the raw sounds KOL produce make this theirs.

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We Are the People (Empire of the Sun song)

2 remix‘s here which are both just as good as each other from 2 fantastic artists, first the brilliant Alex Metric and then the ever popular Calvin Harris. both of these guys have remixed Empire Of The Sun’s new song DNA soon to hit a speaker near you.

it is a hard discussion on which one i like the most. Alex metric’s version slowly builds up this remix and then pumps it in, then adds in a funky bit of electro which leads you to think which direction is this going to take us. the best way that he knows back to that funky elctro feel, and that’s one of the reasons i like Alex Metric because he likes to keep things clean and simple.

Calvin Harris just does what he does best and puts his stamp all over it. if you really had to guess who remixed this without knowing im sure you could guess it was his remix, he just has this way with music and possibly that unique piano sound he has too that has featured in a few of his songs. there is not much i can say about this remix without you hearing it for your self Calvin Harris knows how to build up and drop a good club track, it’s almost like he is a club track making robot or is he.

a remix of the remixes, just because it’s so hard to decided why not listen to both in one, a brilliant mashup from naio.. mexico.

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Poetic Justice (soundtrack)

here is another mash-up from Andrew Gentry called Poetic Justice, combining songs takes a certain skill but when its done like this it makes it seem so easy. Andrew Gentry has chopped up Kendrick Lamar‘s Poetic Justice and Clams Casino I’m God in a fantastic way, so much so i think these 3 should even get together and consider actually releasing it. Andrew Gentry is from Tucson U.S, and has a certain way of making mash-ups sound so fresh its unreal and it’s not just a one-off he does it over and over again in all of his remixes/ mash-ups he has done over the last 3 years keep up the good work dude.

and just because

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